Sporadic activity

20 02 2015

Don’t be surprised to see some sporadic activity on this site, as I upload some posts that have appeared on other sites over the last year or so. I figured it might be convenient to have them all in the one place. I hope you agree.

In keeping with past practice, these new (or, rather, old) posts will surface on Sunday mornings (central European time).



9 responses

20 02 2015

Great news.

21 02 2015
Scott C

Excellent! I’ve been missing the lively discussions the posts generated. Looking forward to more.

Scott C.

21 02 2015

Excellent! looking forward to the posts

21 02 2015

I am delighted. I too was missing the posts and follow up discussions.

21 02 2015

So glad to hear this!

22 02 2015

Thank you for coming back with your ever excellent posts.

2 03 2015

Hooray! Sunday’s are back. Over here in Portland we’re glad to see things being recycled. Thanks, Scott.

17 05 2015

Very happy to just discover the relaunch of this blog, and even happier to see that it is more than sporadic activity!

30 08 2015
Kamila of Prague

Just found out about the restart. Aaah, it’s Christmas! Thank you for coming back.

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