A new beginning

23 08 2013

As promised, blogging resumes shortly… but in a new site and with a new format.

You can find the new blog here: it’s called The (De-) Fossilization Diaries, and charts the attempts I’m making to improve my faltering Spanish. Hope to see you there!

Según lo prometido, mis blogs se reanudan en breve … pero en un nuevo lugar y con un nuevo formato.

Se puede encontrar el nuevo blog aquí: se llama The (De-) Fossilization Diaries, y documenta mis  esfuerzos para mejorar mi español titubeante. ¡Espero veros allí!



16 responses

23 08 2013

Fantastic! Will we be treated to regular Sunday morning offerings again?

23 08 2013
Scott Thornbury

Yes, Adam, Sunday 8am CEST. Breakfast not included. 😉

23 08 2013
Scott C

Was just thinking today about how I was missing the Sunday night blogging…yay!! This may just be what I and I’m sure many other language-learning teachers are looking for 🙂

23 08 2013
Vicki Hollett

What fun! Looking forward to coming to visit it

23 08 2013

well, I can offer you the possibility of an informal chat in Spanish… Argentinian Spanish, though! any time!!!

23 08 2013

¡Genial! Lo espero con muchas ganas.

23 08 2013

Wonderful news! We love your blogg. When are you coming to the UK again? Have always found your teaching and sharing an inspiration and so helpful when I teach.


23 08 2013
Laura Ch

Great news! I was really missing those thought provoking entries. Muy buena noticia Scott, thanks!

23 08 2013

¡Qué notición! Esto ayuda a mitigar un poco la tristeza por el cierre de A-Z 🙂

24 08 2013
Jane Purrier

Oh hurrah, hurrah. Brilliant. Welcome back

24 08 2013

Welcome back Scott! I’m so happy today!

24 08 2013
Larry Colvin

Hello Scott,

I am having the same problem with Russian as you are with Spanish. My wife just looks at me funny when I speak Russian to her or others we know in Kyiv, Ukraine.

26 08 2013

Hello Scott!

We do feel honoured for having this wonderful opportunity to accompany your blog with the new format and the ongoing source of inspiration!
Thank you very much indeed.
Best wishes,


30 10 2013
Susana Schlak

I’m glad you are back! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

11 01 2014

Dear Thornbury,
I am a passionate reader of your books and blogs. I’m from Turkey, and need your help with my readings on ELT. I am expected to decribe what a dichotomy, dilemma, paradigm, concordance, and phenomena is in general, with reference to ELT. I have looked for these terms in your book A-Z in ELT and also here, but I could not find anything relevant. Are there any resources you can share with me or recommend me to read? If you could help me, I would be really grateful to you.

30 07 2014

Hi Scott,
I am a DELTA trainee and I have been using your books through and through. Your ‘About Language’ has changed my approach to ‘English Language Teaching’

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